Paul Pepper in cagoule portraitThis is the personal website of Paul Pepper, Technical Director and co-founder of getpepper web and software development company.

You’ll find the usual about page, but the main bit is the blog section, which I use as a jotter for technical notes.

Hope you’ll find something here to interest you – thanks for visiting!

Latest Article

HTTPS with Letsencrypt on nginx

Open port 443 on Shorewall firewall using the ACCEPT rule /etc/shorewall/rules # Allow access to web server default ports (secure and unsecured HTTP) ACCEPT net $FW tcp 80 ACCEPT net $FW tcp 443 Download the certbot-auto program: $ cd /etc/nginx $ sudo mkdir letsencrypt $ cd letsencrypt $ sudo wget https://dl.eff.org/certbot-auto $ sudo chmod a+x … [read more]

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